Meet Trish

Patricia Tsoiasue’s Lego journey did not begin during childhood, but rather, in adulthood. 


In 1996, Trish went to her sister’s house to see her four-year-old nephew. With two Lego Duplo bricks connected in a cross-like manner, Trish’s nephew played with his newly constructed airplane for hours, zooming around the house. Astonished, she couldn’t believe that her nephew saw an airplane out of two simple 2 x 4  Duplo bricks. A few years later, the missing Lego pieces of her life clicked, motivating her to become a Lego artist. (Or a Lego Doctor, in the words of Trish's sister). 


Working with a medium like Lego provides enormous creative potential for anyone, Trish explained. The brick material lends itself as adaptable to any subject, whether that be animals, urban skylines, music, geography, and more. A proud supporter and member of “the maker movement,” Trish said she believes that adults and children alike can produce something fantastic from a small pile of Lego while breaking down obstacles that often stand in creativity’s way. 


The joy of building with Lego stands on a robust international platform, generating communities of all ages, ethnicities, and nationalities, communities that Trish has come to love and cherish. After years of building varying contraptions, urban places and other projects, Trish realized that her true passion is not just  building with Lego bricks, but building long-lasting and inclusive communities. 


“That’s what I like to build, and that includes communities of Lego building,” Trish said. “That’s why I support the people that I support here, because I understand the creative potential. I understand that somebody wants to do something with the medium, and I find ways to help them, and they find ways to help me.”