Meet Jesse

Jesse’s Lego journey began early in his childhood. Shiny, plastic, colorful, all while resembling a puzzle, Lego had the word “appealing” written all over it. Though it wasn’t until a day spent at a friend’s Thanksgiving get-together that Jesse rediscovered this childhood affinity, sparking a newly found passion to compose art through Lego bricks. 


 Jesse started building in a free form style, disregarding the directions that come with a Lego kit. Whereas his friends, who are architects, read through the directions and regarded the minute details with ultimate care. The children present at Thanksgiving migrated toward Jesse, eagerly watching him build, ignoring the dads bent over the dull instructions. 


“And it was that observation of seeing what the kids were interested in, that made me pay attention,” Jesse said. “And I was like, “this is interesting.” I was kind of looking for a new creative outlet.” 


Several months later, Jesse met Trish. The duo invested in a Lego design/art studio together in Long Beach, CA, where they continue to create Lego art and write curriculum for Everest Charter School. Jesse builds anything and everything but particularly enjoys making stop-motion animation short films with Lego-built characters. Education-wise, Jesse discerns that utilizing Lego as a learning medium is intuitive and flexible, making for a positive impact on students. 


“It’s very intuitive, there’s really no wrong way — just like pen and paper — there’s really no wrong way to put pen to paper, there’s really no wrong way to put two bricks together,” he said.