Meet Ann

Ann’s Lego journey ignited by her buying Lego Duplo for her daughter. Almost immediately, she saw the creative storytelling and critical thinking potential the medium had to offer. Years later, at a women’s technology convention, Ann met Trish, and began writing Lego curriculum for Everest Charter School in Los Angeles. 


Advocating for English as a Second Language students is the nucleus of Ann’s determination to teach with Lego. The bricks, paired with a worksheet curriculum, can be utilized as an avenue to help students who may not want to speak up during class discussions, or are shy to raise their hand and state an answer. She displays through the construction of a Lego building, per se, the varying cultures and lifestyles that encompass students’ daily lives, while also teaching students about cultures foreign to them. 


“For me, the important component to really advocating English Second Language Learners is appreciating and empowering where they come from,” Ann said. “You know, just having that understanding that where you or your parents come from is so special.”