About Us

ETES creates playful projects (camps, events, celebrations, personalities) that support the visions, ideas, skills, learning and engagement goals of its global community. 

"We help people. We especially help those who would create sustainable systems from just an idea and one person. If we see an aspect of the world that could be better, we create new visions and implement them with the hope that we did our part in making the world a better place."


- Patricia Tsoiasue, Founder of ETES 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ETES stand for? 

ETES stands for Educational Travel and Experiences. 

How was ETES founded?

ETES was founded in 2013 by three individuals who came together to create programs for overseas students, particularly China. We worked with a professional in Shanghai and planned several tours that never materialized.  After three years, we put it on hold, and the other founders of ETES Inc. gave back their share.